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Published by Web Master on Monday, 27. May 2013 - 18:01

Want to learn to fly a glider?

You can come along to the club any weekend and start your training, but a great way to do it is to join a course. Our next beginners' course (we call them ab initio's) is in October.

This course will run from Sunday 6 October to Friday 11 October 2013. Sunday is the travelling day - everyone turns up sometime in the afternoon and we'll have a welcome BBQ to kick it off. Flying will start the next day.

Published by Web Master on Sunday, 26. May 2013 - 23:03

The Stirling Ranges are a great place in October.

It's warming up and the wild flowers are out. But also, Narrogin Gliding Club will be on their annual visit to enjoy the area and fly our gliders around the ranges from 27 Sept 13 to 4 Oct 13.

Published by Web Master on Sunday, 26. May 2013 - 22:42

The terrific Autumn weather has just been going on and on!

Want to have a glider flight? Now is a great time, when it's a bit cooler and a bit more comfortable on the ground.

You have to watch the weather reports, because it is Autumn, and it has to rain sometime. In fact, the farmers would like it to rain all the time!